ENAGI™ Excited Crystals

What are "excited crystals" you ask? Crystals that have received a patented treatment to have a permanent high vibration to best support you through life. Uplifting, grounding, and cleansing. Try for yourself.

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High Frequency In Every Situation

About ENAGI™

With origins in Denmark, Scandinavia, ENAGI™ was made with a mission to help more people live life to their fullest potential. By lending a helping hand in clearing old trauma, releasing limiting beliefs, and creating our lives from a place of alignment, the ENAGI™ crystals assists us on that journey. Becoming alchemists. We all have it in us but sometimes it's that little extra "something" that makes it click.

The ENAGI™ crystals undergoes a patented quantum-energy treatment to permantly increase the energy of the atoms making up the crystals, giving them a higher and stronger frequencey than any normal crystal. Permanetly "excited" crystals.

ENAGI™ is founded and created by Electro-engineer and Inventor, Jesper Bendsen, and Coach, Helena Kalsmose.